Wynn Orvirth

A child-like young woman with a thing for books.


See Mythweavers


Wynn Orvirth is really the bastard child of an Elven marques. Her elder half-sister is the sole heir to the family and Wynn was sent to the temple of Wee Jas in Aelhill. As such, her power is in her father’s name only. Her family is rumored to be the descendants of the bastard children of the fourth king of Aina’ndor, Authion Orvir. They enjoy a hefty amount of power as a result.

Wynn is naive and carries a child-like innocence. She becomes attached to people and suffers great emotional trauma when they die. She left Aelhill to travel with a group of adventurers after one of them uncovered an ancient map of Aina’ndor. Wynn is determined to piece together a lost ballad and help uncover what that mysterious tomb is marked on the map.

Wynn Orvirth

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